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Status: Ok so I have a wii and I use the everybody votes channel for fun. A poll came up and asked "If you find a gift card on the ground, what do you do?" well the results turned out to be this; Check its value=85.6% Toss it in the trash=14.4%. Just goes to show how honest our nation is. be sure to keep your gift cards safe :)******************************************** ************************************************************** Story: Once upon a time, i decided to learn HTML and make a website, but the site i tried to learn HTML from banned me 3 times(i yelled at the owner) so i decided to use this.

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Hey there RANDOMNESS members and visitors, I have now added a group chat for everyone. It works for members and visitors so you don't have to join to use it (but I would appreciate it if you did). Its at the bottom of the home page and if you are a member please use your RANDOMNESS username. Have fun with it. Also try to get new members, we need more.

Hey guys and girls, guess what, we now have therandomnessite on your favorite social networks, and we have like buttons at the top of the page. 

on Facebook we are the facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-randomness-sitewebscom/127211074012325?v=wall(Upgraded) You can like the randomness facebook page at the top on the like button or on the sidebar on the facebook gadget. 

on Twitter we are @therandomness  (twitter gets about the same updates as the facebook page because they are linked unless I feel like doing sometheing special for twitter users)

on Myspace we are http://www.myspace.com/therandomnesssite (I'm trying to find out if i can do the same thing with it as I do with the twitter facebook link)

We have a mobile web site too, so check us out on your smart phone.

And now we have an email: therandomnesssite@yahoo.com


Hey everyone, I've put every game the site has on one page, and now you can play all 22 of them! :)


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